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August 2018

Volume 14, Issue 8

Pastor’s Corner

A word search of the New International Version of the Bible reveals that the word “praise” appears 363 times. Half of those appearances – 182 – are in the Book of Psalms. About 25 percent of the appearances of the word “praise” in the Book of Psalms are located in the last six psalms – psalms 145-150 – a series of psalms, which are especially full of praise for God.

One of the psalms – Psalm 145 – is expressly entitled, “A psalm of praise. Of David.” This acrostic psalm (with the exception of the “nun” strophe) is the last psalm authored by David in the Book of Psalms. In this psalm, David praised God for his powerful acts, for his mercy and grace, for his everlasting kingdom, and for his response to those who pray to Him. Observant Jews used to repeat this psalm three times a day: twice in the morning and once in the evening.

Early in the psalm, David resolved to praise God daily and forever:

1I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. 2Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever.

Next, he praised God for his mighty deeds:

4One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts. 5They speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty – and I will meditate on your wonderful works. 6They tell of the power of your awesome works – and I will proclaim your great deeds.

He continued his praise by identifying all of the characteristics that make the Lord’s praiseworthy. These included:

  • The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love (v 8).
  • He is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made (v 9).
  • He is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does (v 13b).
  • He upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down (v 14).
  • He gives food at the proper time to all whose eyes look to him (v 15b).
  • He opens his hand and satisfies the desires of every living thing (v 16).
  • He is righteous in all his ways and faithful in all he does (v 17).
  • He is near to all who call on him in truth (v 18).
  • He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them (v 19).
  • He watches over all who love him, but all the wicked he will destroy (v 20).

David felt that the Lord was so great that no one could fathom his greatness (v 3). Therefore, he commanded: “Let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever” (v 21).

Let’s heed David’s command and praise our Lord. Pastor Tony

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Important Notice: Church will be held in Riverside Park at 11:00 a.m. Sunday, August 12th for the Old Settler’s Community worship service.

In Our Family

Pray for: Pastor Brunson who is now under house arrest in Turkey; The Marge Talbott family; Cheryl Loeffler and Bob McDowell families in the loss of Cheryl’s brother, Bill; the many forest fires in the country – especially California, Colorado and Wyoming; the upcoming primary elections; and all teachers and students heading back to school.

Give Praise for: Jean Kennedy’s battle with successful breast cancer surgery; Jason and Morgan Grossardt becoming foster parents; Keegan Simons continuing healing progress with his hand.

August Birthdays Happy birthday to You!

1st Terry Glanville; 6th Megan Evans ; 12th Don Grossardt; 23rd Marge Talbott

Missionary Updates:

John & Gwen Haspels,

At that time there was a Great Persecution against the Church. King Herod arrested some intending to persecute them. He seized Peter putting him in prison. Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.” Acts 8:1, 12:5

Dear Friends,

Earnestly Pray for the Persecuted Church: Last week Gwen and I were in Kansas City for her scheduled checkup. Saturday morning we took the opportunity to spend several hours at The International House of Prayer KC. The IHOP prayer focus that morning was for the persecuted church.

Saturday evening we were in the home of a young family who fled their country because of persecution. Christians in their country were imprisoned in shipping containers with temperatures well over 100 degrees. Earnestly pray for them and the persecuted church worldwide.

The Persecuted Suri Church: The following email just arrived from Ulrike. “We heard tough reports on Koka. On Sunday there couldn’t be a service there because when the choir wanted to meet in the church, first stones and in the last days bullets were shot into the church. Four shots on three different days. Now people fear for their children and they can’t come any more. There seems to be no intervention from the authorities so far.”

The Koka Church is the first termite resistant church (TRC) built in Suriland. Before the old church was eaten to the ground by termites, one young girl from the choir was shot in her home. While grieving bitterly, the choir went on a Prayer March through the town, praying and singing as they marched. The gates of hell are doing their darndest to destroy the Suri church. Jesus promised, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not overcome it.” Mt. 16:18. Please earnestly pray for the persecuted Suri churches. Pray for all the young people who make up more than 80% of the Church.

Dreamers’, Sorcerers, & Diviners: Persecution of the Suri Church is also coming from the servants of Satan, the witchdoctors, ‘dreamers’, sorcerers, and diviners. Following a lying word from a ‘dreamer’, Bar Char went on a cattle raid with promises of great success. He was shot and killed during the raid by the Toposa whose cows he was stealing.

On Oct. 1, 2014, Bar Char was in the car with us when we were attacked. All his instincts were to survive. He threw open the door of the moving vehicle and jumped out. He ran some twenty kilometers to report the incident to the police. Bar Char worked in the clinic with Gwen for many years. He heard the Good News of God’s great love in Jesus Christ for him and had witnessed God’s healing power. Earnestly pray for the many young Christians who are listening to the lies of Satan and abandoning their First Love.

Harold Kurtz Memorial Church: The Harold Kurtz Memorial Church was dedicated in Maji on May 27. Harold Kurtz was one of the early missionaries to Maji and later was the first executive director of Frontier Fellowship. Behind the new church stands the former church in silent testimony to 20 years of persecution by the communist government. Christians were forced to worship in secret. The church building was converted to a veterinary clinic. It was a great day of rejoicing and celebration as more than 500 people gathered for six hours of celebration and worship.

Two new Termite Resistant Churches (TRC): Two TRC churches are presently being prefabbed. One of the churches is for the Kibish congregation where the church has out grown the first building. We are designing a cement block and metal frame TRC Church to accommodate 500 people. Members of the Kibish Church are pledging money and themselves to help with the construction.

Prayer for Persecuted Suri Church: Dear Lord Jesus, we acknowledge that you are the one building your church among the Suri. Strengthen the leaders in each of the churches. Empower them by the Holy Spirit to preach with boldness the Good News, confirming their message with signs and wonders. In the mighty name of Jesus we bind all those servants of the evil one who seek to destroy the Church, and in Jesus name we shut the muzzles of their guns and render them powerless. O death, where is your victory? O death where is your sting? Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Church in Suriland stand firm in their faith and be set free from paralyzing fear. May they be filled with the joy of the Lord and with the Holy Spirit. Amen Together in His Service, John & Gwen Haspels

John & Joy Haspels, AIM, Nairobi, Kenya:

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Dear Friends,

After a whirlwind end to the school year with exams, band and choir concerts, award ceremonies, and alumni games; we finally have the all the kids home from boarding school for the next six weeks! We are looking forward to reuniting as a family and making new memories. Acacia just finished her Junior year. She is trying to figure out where she wants to go for college, her parents are trying to figure out where the time went! Charlie is going into his sophomore year and may catch his father in height before too long. Sianna will be a 5th grader and will probably be taller than her mom before they go back to school mid-august. Tiarra will continue to homeschool going into 3rd grade. We will take a week of vacation at the end of month, going to the Kenya coast and the warm Indian ocean. I am looking forward to closing my computer and turning my phone off and driving through some of the wilderness of Kenya!

Speaking of driving, please pray for me this week as I again head to Marsabit town to get a house ready for the Kangs. Kangs are the Korean couple who will be starting the Northern Bible Training Center. Kangs are spending a couple of weeks with the Rendille in a remote location, witnessing first-hand how local pastors lead their churches. The Rendille are an unreached people group. However, with decades of mission work, there is a church that is growing rapidly and reaching its own people. They are a church that is in need of solid biblical training for its young leaders and is one of the churches behind the development of the Northern Bible Training Center.  Kangs will need your prayers through the rest of this year as they set up the training center from scratch. The first 16 students arrive in January.  These students are already commissioned by various local churches in Northern Kenya. Pray also for the Jordans, a couple from England who are hoping to join the Kangs later in the year. The Jordans are struggling to raise support and have had to delay several times.  

Just a thought: This past Sunday, our local church commissioned a local missionary to go to another part of Kenya. What a pleasure it is to witness missions being born out of the Kenyan Church. Our pastor gave an excellent sermon on missions taken from Acts. He started off by saying that there are only two things needed for a missionary to be successful: “belief in God, and trust in His word.” Only two points. Of course, he spent an hour and half on those two points, but it was a good sermon. At one point he talked about prayer, saying that prayer is not the starting point of missions, as some would claim. We can schedule prayer times and meetings, we organize prayer groups and have prayer focus. But prayer does no good without belief. First there must be belief in God out of which prayer flows. I think we can often get caught up in the act of praying and get sucked into a repetition in prayer. “Before the throne of God above…”!

Thank you for all your prayers, for us and our missionaries. You are each greatly appreciated.

In Christ, John and Joy, Acacia, Charlie, Sianna, Tierra Haspels

Habtom, Heather, Faith, Hope & Josiah Kebede, Box 1111 (c/o John Haspels), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: *

Dear Friends and Family: May the Joy of the Lord be your strength!

This month we were blessed to have many visitors. We enjoyed meeting each one and being able to fellowship with them. Habtom was able to help by driving to a southern town and both of us were blessed to able to use our language skills to help out. Faith and Hope thrived on all the guests. There was not a silent moment. God is good!

Camp- I was blessed this month because I was reminded how important playing is for kids. Many of these kids work very hard in the home. Many of them have no father, others are orphans living with relatives. Some of them are required to watch livestock, others to cook and clean. Still others do odd jobs all over town to make a little money to help their families. All they know is survival-the struggle it takes, to live. They know fighting for their own rights because they have no one else who will stand up for them. These kids are forced to work like adults in order to live. So, three days a week when they have two to three hours at the camp, this is their chance to forget the worries of life and be a kid again. They get to play and laugh. They get to just enjoy running around and not worry about where the next meal will come from. They get to be loud and scream and giggle. It is time to be free, to have fun and we pray they feel our love and Jesus love too. May God use those few hours for freedom for them to know Jesus and the freedom they can have in Jesus. May God use the games, the high fives, the hugs to touch these kids and let them know how valued they are. I was talking with our girls recently about Jesus taking things and giving us something better. For example, taking our sickness so we can have healing. We pray that these kids will realize that Jesus took their loneliness and orphaned life and opened the way for them to have a family and a Father! So, I am thankful that I was reminded by one of our guest who is a pastor, how wonderful it is that these kids can be kids for just a few hours. Family- This month Heather’s father was around. The kids loved having Papa John here. It was a blessing to have him in our home. Habtom has slowly become more and more busy with camp. Habtom has been building tether ball, volleyball courts, fixing basketball rims and painting lines on the volleyball and basketball courts for the summer. July and August are going to be very busy. We would appreciate prayer for the whole family. We are all sick. Very bad colds/flu that will not go away. Josiah has been hit the hardest and has lost a lot of weight. He is no eating well and we are forcing fluid. It has been about three weeks for since this all started in our home and we just need healing so we can deal with life and the business of this camp season. Thank you for all your prayers and support. We are blessed by your faithful partnership.

God bless, Habtom, Heather, Faith, Hope and Josiah

Anne Adrian, ISI, Lakeland, Florida

Keep Anne in your prayers as she prepares for a new semester working with international students.

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